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We are dynamic team of IT startup company

For over 2 years, we've been a trusted provider of SEO Link Building Services, specializing in paid guest posting. With a solid reputation and extensive experience, we've garnered numerous positive reviews.

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Our Mission

At Shanto IT Firm, we specialize in strategic link placement solutions, elevating businesses’ online visibility and success. Our expert team curates top-tier websites across various industries, using a data-driven strategy for measurable outcomes. Tailored to each client’s goals, we enhance authority, boost rankings, and attract targeted traffic. Our core values of transparency, accountability, and building long-term relationships guide us. With detailed progress updates, we keep clients informed and assured of our commitment to their growth. Partner with Link Placement to enhance your online presence and propel your business forward.

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Expert SEO consultancy for businesses.


Effective content marketing strategies for businesses.


Strategic keyword research for SEO.

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Data-driven reporting and analysis.

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Excellent support means timely, accurate, and empathetic assistance that meets or exceeds customer expectations, fostering positive experiences and relationships.

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An awesome team embodies collaboration, trust, creativity, and dedication, working together harmoniously to achieve shared goals and exceed expectations.

Faster Performance

Faster performance refers to quicker execution, reduced waiting times, and improved efficiency, enhancing overall productivity and user satisfaction significantly.

Our Vission

At Shanto IT Firm, we aim to empower businesses digitally through inventive link placement solutions, enhancing online visibility and success. We envision a future where strategic link placements are fundamental for companies to establish authority and relevance in their industries. Acknowledging the evolving landscape of SEO, we pioneer with state-of-the-art strategies, nurturing enduring partnerships as trusted advisors. Through transparency and cooperation, we foster a community of thriving businesses. Connect with us at LinkPlacement.com for growth and expansion prospects.